Badal Saboo
Pune Fashion Week

Pune Fashion Week is a premium luxury fashion platform showcasing an array celebrated and upcoming designers alike, to a discerning audience comprising some of the most influentialbuyers, fashion connoisseurs and consumers. With the state-of- the-art setup, it collaborates with leading production houses, models, choreographers, fashion stylists, make-up artists and photographers that make it the most coveted fashion festival in India.

With 6 successful seasons under its belt, Pune Fashion Week aims at uniting fashions key creators, communicators and consumers alike countrywide and continent-wide, making it one of the top fashion weeks in India with an international presence.

Pune Fashion Week, being a much awaited and immensely glamorous fashion celebration, seeks to transform and blend Pune into the national and ultimately global fashion world. It incorporates street style promotion, varied avenues of digital media marketing and haute couture unveiling events all under one roof to showcase an eclectic and diverse mix of fashion which is global and is truly #MakingPuneFashionable.