An affiliate of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of South Korea, Asia Model Festival is Asia’s biggest festival for Fashion & Beauty industries including Asia’s model industry. It plays a role as a central hub to introduce and spread the excellence of Asian fashion & beauty industries to the whole world. The festival sets a platform for top models, artists & designers’ fancy shows & performances. Plus, it consists of various sophisticated shows such as each Asia country’s traditional clothing shows, fashion shows, hair shows, and beauty shows thus opening new opportunities for them to grow as global brands.
Contestants from 27 participating nations compete every year at the Asia Model Festival which is held in South Korea. The event covers three dimensions which are the Asia Festival, Asia Model Awards, and the Face of Asia contest. The event commences with the opening show and introduction by contestants, followed by a traditional show, group talent show, and dress parade, and concludes with the award presentations. In order to let the world know about Asia’s models and business related to fashion and beauty and to introduce worldwide brands and artists in Asia, Asia Model Festival has been developed as the core icon of Asia’s cultural industry and a global culture platform. The talented models that are chosen from the contest get opportunities to grow as top Asian models, moreover as world-famous model